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  1. You scored 8 points in the first week on my first goal-scorer prediction thread, you can put your week 2 predictions up now!http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/engli...2011-12-a.html
  2. Arsenal Report are launching a competition - We can't decide on a tagline, so we're getting others to decide for us. The tagline is the bit that says "Bailing Wilshere out of Jail since 1992" and has to be less than 50 characters, so tweet your entries to @arenalreport on twitter, or tell me on the thread, or just reply to this =) The prize if yours is the best entry is a cashmere Savil Rogue scarf
  3. Hello thar.

    Long time no see.
  4. Updates up mate. Could you take a look when you can and leave a comment? Cheers.

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