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  1. Yep defo a lot of flying around as cities in Australia are pretty far away from each other. I'll check the guy out I also found a nice Centre-back which Im just about to make a thread on..
  2. omar abdulrahman
    how did those trips go btw?
    seems like a lot of flying around
  3. Yea I wasnt here due to my exams and a family trip to Australia,Singapore and Malaysia. Nice, which AMC is that?
  4. everything fine now, had a busy last few months, heading into a even so busy july
    i got a few new threads planned for tonight, i'm really excited about a young AMC i found and i don't see a thread about him here
    u haven't been here for quite some time haven't u?
  5. Hey man, long time! How's it going?
  6. My god, what a fail , he's already better than that in 2010 Thanks anyways
  7. Hey you had the South Africa league loaded in your Dinamo Zagreb save right? Could you please check this guy out for me - Siyanda Xulu Thanks, I owe you one
  8. yeah
    maybe we gonna play a 2 4 4 or 2 3 5 lol
  9. Im AMR/AMC/ST. Damn all applying as attacking roles, need some defenders lol
  10. yeah i did
    i applied as an AMC/AML/MC i think
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