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  1. Yo mate, started a new story! Please check it out when you have the time. Thanks Neil
  2. I know I'm considering a Hoffenheim save when I get bored with this one
  3. Not too bad, Peniel Mlapa is better though
  4. I meant to post this at the end -
  5. Nice stuff man, Bassong is tank. Him and Rami are my two first choice defenders with Dawson on the bench Lets see, If I get around 6 million for Musona, I'll buy Sturridge. Whattya think of Musona? \)
  6. 1st day of the 1st season I offer them out! that is when they are valued at their highest! I also load up Russia (Not sure if that impacts Zenit/Rubin/Anzhi) always buying my players for good cash!

    I always keep Kaboul and have kept Bassong on your recommendation, ave 7.64
  7. One more thing Neil, how do you manage to sell your players for good money? Saw your transfer history on a thread and saw deals like Pav for 8 million, Kaboul for 7 and so on. The highest I could get was 11 million for Barrios! Managed a good deal for Falque as well, 7 million. But the rest of my dealings have been disappointing :/ Kaboul for 4 and Giovani for 5.
  8. Knowledge Musona. Zimbabwean striker from Hoffenheim. Looked decent so picked him up for 3.7 million. Starts as a 20 or a 21 year old I guess.

  9. gutted mate! who is Musona? DS is good, can play out wide as well!
  10. Yeah, a pity that you lost your Ajax save and everything Im looking at a cheeky 8 million bid for Daniel Sturridge.. But already have Tevez, Paloschi, Musona and Mbaye Niang. Should I go for DS and sell Musona?
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