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  1. Hello again m8...wee bit a news from up here for ya!!

    steven [email protected] signed 5year contract
    allan [email protected] signed 6year contarct
    orziz almeria to gers?
    derek riordan freed by hibs
  2. got others, but whats the balotelli move?
  3. Hi again m8,
    just wondering did you catch the loan move by celtic's juarez to zaragoza??

    mutu transfer? balotelli?

    keep up the gid work m8 much appreciated from bonny scotland!!!!!
  4. Yea already got it mate! thanks anyway
  5. Hi again m8,came across this link dunno if it would be of any help m8.....Football News, Headlines & Goals | Give Me Football
  6. aye thats true.cuellar to gers maybe from villa? this space!!
  7. Done mate.. tbh naismith, jelavic, mcgregor and quite a few of your better players have been increased a little as they have all had good seasons
  8. How about making jelavic and mcgregor a bit better they were sensational during gers season.
  9. cheers and alright mate, any particular changes you want me to make?
  10. alrite m8 quality work as per,how u goin wif rangers updates??
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