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  1. I know but it would be useless if I'm mainly posting on here....
  2. Be good to see you sign-up though
  3. Quite frankly, no. Sorry. 1 site is enough for me.
  4. Hi James, you interested in joining FMChat?
  5. Thanks mate, it would have been alot more though if I wasn't banned.
  6. Relax mate, we love you and your 17 posts per day average.
  7. Deffo mate!.

    Fancy making it a joint story with me aswell?
  8. Ah well mate, I just lost interest. I am uploading my save game now and I will put it on that thread. I hope you follow my Forest story instead!
  9. Can't believe you're stopping that story James, when will you upload the save game so I can have a go?
  10. I'm doing good thanks mate.

    I went to Blackpool.
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