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  1. thats probably true
  2. yeah sorted now pal thanks anyway
  3. yeah it can be quite useful, but we also complain about having to learn danish, because it is totally useless x)
  4. hello mate sorry bother you are you busy a sec cheers!
  5. It is compulsary to learn Faroese Danish and English in primary school and you can also chose to learn German there, which i did. Now I'm learning Spanish at Collage.
    And the northern languages are so similar if you know one of them well enough, you understand them all. except Finnish thats just jibberish
  6. Because we learn a lot of language in the Faroe Islands. I speak Faroese, Danish, English, a bit German and Spanish too. And I understand Norwegian, Icelandic and Swedish. We are talented vikings
  7. couldn't have said it better xD
  8. yeah and Ingi Højsted has played for Arsenal, Christian Mouritsen for Man City and they both play in the Faroes now and there are more examples. But too be looking on the bright side we do have a lot of youngsters trying to make their way internationally, more than ever I think, there are a couple at Aberdeen. Jóan Símun and Gunnar in England. a lot in lower leagues in Denmark etc. One of my friends is actually going to trials in Blackburn or Birmingham i think..
  9. yeah that would maybe help a bit, but I think the problem Is the mentality of the Faroese players, they don't aim high enough. there are just to many that have great potential, some of em even get to play for premiership teams u/18 and reserves, but return to the Faroe Islands for money's sake.
  10. Yeah, but then again nobody want's to play against the Faroe Islands because Denmark, Sweden, Norway are way better, and that would only mean risking their own players health, for no greater purpose..
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