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  1. hey bud, please send me the link to buy Fm13 through the base.. I cannot locate it ANYwhere.. cheers
  2. hahaha, yeah, have not played DS in months, played it too many times barely have time to play Fifa13 at the moment.. still need to finish Mass Effect 3 and then Max Payne 3 and then Batman - Arkhum City!

    loving Dexter I must admit.. Breaking Bad just stopped after episode 10, I assume they are on break.. it is the best show on TV by a country mile! Walking Dead S3 E1 was pretty cool.. too much zombie bashing though.. was barely any dialogue to be honest.. think they went a bit overboard with it.. was hoping to see that Black ninja thing be something really cool as well..

    Arrow is a new show and to be honest, is really, really good! you should give it a watch..

    also watching:

    666 Park Avenue (pretty good, has potential)
    Homeland (brilliant show)
    Brickleberry (funny as shit, Daniel Tosh's new series,animated)
    and then the rest of the usual ones, Fringe, Supernatural etc..
  3. 1) hows Dark Souls going? did you manage to finish it?
    2) I see you watching Dexter S7 how crazy is that shit? Dexter and Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, best 3 shows on tele at the moment!
  4. I've no idea what you're talking about, pal.
  5. I've no idea what you're talking about, pal.
  6. Hi !
    An admin at FmSweden contacted me and was wondering if I could pull some strings so that they would be able to host the Huge Database Option file in their archieve.
    Would this be possible ?

  7. Hi Lee. If you would take out time to answer a question, I would be much obliged.
    I had made a custom Irish lge on FM11. 2 thinks always had me perplexed. 1st, ticket prices. No matter what I did they didnt change. 2nd, the signing of foreign player. It was no problem for me to sign them, but any cpu managed team just would not sign a foreigner, even though they were of a much better quality than anyone in the Irish league or most Irish players abroad. They would sign British and Irish players from all sorts of unheard clubs from all over the world, but never a foreigner, not even an EU citizen. I found these prob quite annoying.
    I'm currently editing my copy of FM12 and am delighted to see I have control over ticket prices now, but the signing of non Irish and Brit players in still there.
    I notice that you made a custom Irish lge before. I was wondering if you had the prob and could guide me as to the solution. I am at the end of my tether with this issue.
    Many thanks.
  8. ok.
    thanks anyway.
  9. Hi Lee, I'd like to change my username on the forum and can't find a way to do it on my account settings. I've been told to talk to you or Sean to do it. I'd like to know how to procede.
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