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  1. Definately not no. Played GW before and hated it-just couldn't get into it. For some reason it just had no appeal to me whatsoever.
  2. And not to mention, I have an addon that lets you create your own quests aswell to give to other people. Great piece of kit
  3. I too can be very extremely competitive at times. But it's rare though
  4. A bloke pretending to be a female-no way!! lol. Yeah there's some real elitist snobs around-I make it a general point to find out more and find out who to avoid. Have to say though so far people I've some across have been real nice. I've also noticed the real noobs and C-words are on in the early hours of the morning. And they get absolutely pwned in trade channels by the proper players-and sometimes get banned. Which amuses me greatly lol. I admit I was getting a bit bored-til now. Due to being on RP server, there's now events, competitions and organised war games. Though I suspect I'll probably avoid the wargames. As I know for a fact I'll use real life military tactics.....and get absolutely pwned lol
  5. Looking forward to the pet arena. Though I suspect will need to get my backside into gear lol. Never, ever done an arena yet. Got the gear for it now though so just a matter of time. Come to think of it...just realised haven't even done my duel achievement....that's just embarassing. Can't believe I forgot that lol. Stll...raids take priority now
  6. I thought the RP would blow goats aswell, but once you get into it it's quite enjoyable. gives you something else to do and get to make in-game friends too. Pretty much a sub-story in the main. Good thing is it's not all RP as there's raids etc too so there's loads of variety.
  7. I was tempted-but I opted for Argent. And it was pretty much a very good choice indeed. Loads of guilds, buzzing auction house and the players are down to earth and really helpful too. Great help in learning the ropes of RP
  8. He is going to be brilliant, I cant wait.
  9. Strootman would be ideal
  10. I think people are happy with Moura, but not at the expense of a CM. That would not go down well at all.
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