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  1. lol. Well from what I've heard it's all going to change with the Mists of Pandoria expansion. Pet arena will be interesting thats for sure. But annoyingly, Blizzard have said no flying mounts until level 90. So don't whats going to happen with the mounts I have now. Apparently they want it to be longer for players to level-as if reaching 85 wasn't bad enough.
  2. Never done arena. Once i finally get my gear all epic I probably will-rather do raids though. Still got some from WoTLK to do-still haven't had a barney with the lich king yet
  3. I like doing soloing as a DK or a hunter. DK because they basically pwn, and hunter because you level up real fast with the help of a pet. And you can get some pretty dam funky pets too. Except spiders which I won't use-I hate spiders
  4. Well I tried some PvP and as expected....was uber pwned lol. Found an RP realm though in Argent, but not horde yet. Will be trying that soon. Safe to say I need practice in PvP lol
  5. A change really. Been Alliance since started playing when WoTLK came out. And I heard Horde servers can be more friendly too-there's been quite a lot of dubious activities on Alliance servers I've come across-especially on Argent Dawn. Goldshire is called Pornshire for a reason lol. So basically something new, and heard there's more RPing going on. Something which has all but died on Scarshield and other servers
  6. Ah cool. Will give that a try. Cheers for that. Though I feel dirty being horde-what with being alliance lol
  7. Haha... I will have to see. Certainly enjoying it at this fundamental level. Whether I continue to do so going ahead is difficult to predict. Hopefully it does though going by how much I enjoyed learning about new concepts through those Walter Lewin Lectures
  8. Agreed. Walter Lewin is a beast. So enthusiastic and knowledagable about the subject. His videos are extremely easy to follow especially for a high-school going kid like me. Brilliant teacher

    Thinking about studying it at Uni. I enjoy learning about it which is obviously the most important thing. Will have to see though. Doing IB Physics in a year so if I continue enjoying it at a higher level... Will seriously consider it

    Where are you studying mate?
  9. Hate it myself. Can understand General, Thermal physics just fine as well as Electromagnetic waves and stuff but Electricity muddles up my brain

    Ever had a look at the MIT Physics lectures on Youtube? They are quality. Makes me hate my high school teacher even more
  10. Right mate thanks a lot.

    Btw are you studying Physics in Uni or something? Read in some thread that you enjoyed it while studying it at A-Levels
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