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  1. Thanks mate. Made the concept much clearer in my head

    Sorry but a couple more questions-

    When explaining why Nichrome is suitable to make heating coils in Electric Kettles...

    Nichrome has high resistivity= High resistance= According to Ohms Law, it has high potential difference across its ends= More Electrical Energy converted into Heat Enery when one coulomb of positive charges flows through it= Water heats at a faster rate

    Does that sound right?

    Also what happens when you connect cells/batteries in parallel in a circuit? How does it affect the circuit?

    Sorry for all the questions mate but your my saving grace . Thanks a lot
  2. In a regular circuit we assume that wires are ohmic, since their resistance is negligible, you only count the resistors in the circuit. In reality, when you do experiments you only take readings in short time periods to avoid temperature increases in the wire skewing results .

    Semiconductor diodes are non-ohmic. They only allow a current to flow at a voltage of about 0.7V+, at which point the current rises rapidly, in a non-linear way. Remember that non-ohmic means a non-linear relationship between I-V too, it's not defined by temperature, although it often has an effect. Pretty much everything is non-ohmic apart from wires.

    This is also why a light is more likely to blow when you first turn it on, because the current gets so high so quickly, with no resistance.
  3. Also High current usually makes everything hotter so what object is really an ideal ohmic conductor?
  4. Much clearer now thanks mate.

    So whenever your doing calculations for simple circuits, your assuming Ohm's law is intact?

    So basically High Current=High Tempertaure=High resistance for a Filament Lamp... But due to the high resistance, the current eventually levels out.

    But for a thermistor.... High current=High Temperature=Low Resistance which in turn causes the current to increase even further? Hence the differences in the I/A against V/V graph

    Hope I am getting it right. Also what about a Semiconductor Diode? How does Ohm's Law apply to that
  5. Mate.. I am absolutely confused on a Physics term and thought you would be the one to ask here.

    So basically what is Ohms law and when does it not apply? How is temperature, current and resistance related?

    Thanks in Advance mate
  6. Aren't bad?! Classics! Though I'm not a fan of With or Without You-there's some underrated gems out there such as Red Hill Mining Town, Trip Through Your Wire...great stuff that should have been released. A few bands have some absolute gems that never got released when they should have.
  7. Oi! Divn't diss da Bono boyo!! lol. Though admittedly I prefer the older stuff personally, a la The Joshua Tree/The Unforgettable Fire. Classics
  8. Well I've listened and....didn't like it. Sorry. Not for me I'm afraid
  9. I'm just biased lol. I shall check out Mr. Matthews. Though....I haven't heard of him or heard any of his stuff.
  10. Strangely enough, I heard the U2 version of Watchtower via the Rattle and Hum album, then Hendrix few years later. Much as I love U2-no way original can be beaten. IMO of course. Also featured in A Bronx Tale film. Class song for a class film
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