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  1. haha, its not that bad. I had a lovely salmon lunch when i did it
  2. best bet is to wander down somewhere that steam can get online to ie cafe nero or something, order a meal and eat while it downloads. did that for dawn of war
  3. Sorry for the delay, site is running like treacle. It'll be activated on your account, but you'll still have to download it on your laptop if you havent already. Did you download it on your laptop when you raped your DL limit?
  4. Very very true. I learn that lesson myself-and in some cases I still am lol. Which is why I stay out of debates on the economy-I don't stand a chance.
  5. I would not be surprised one bit at all
  6. Was only a matter of time before the "Imperialist" haters surfaced on the Libya thread. Still, gives me something to laugh at til FM 12 is activated lol
  7. Being socialist compared to America is like being thin compared to Gabe Newell.

    The vast majority of the world doesn't have access to a whole bunch of stuff, and they're worse off than us.

    Don't disagree with your stance on the protesters, the majority of them are morons. They hear 'bankers' and immediately start flinging vitriol in all directions.

    Tax the rich and to fund improvements in healthcare, education, maybe even tax cuts to the poor.
  8. This isn't socialism. This is just slightly more socialist than the society we're currently in. There is a huge difference.

    The benefits system may be flawed, but nothing that can't be fixed by adjusting tax bands. If we lower income tax on poorer people, we can destroy the poverty trap we've created.

    Except none of that stuff is actually free, we pay for it through taxes. We can't have privatised policing, that would be insane. Privatised education would arguably be a bad idea, though I can see the merits. We only need to look at America to see how bad privatised medical care would be.

    Raise the cash through taxing the rich. Perhaps not income tax, but inheritance tax or the like. There are a whole multitude of ways we can raise the money. I'm not suggesting we do this at the expense of improving our money supplies again, obviously: the timing of these protests is one of the things I disagree with.
  9. There's nothing 'sponging off' about it. We tax the rich to improve facilities (see the NHS, transport etc) for everyone, rich and poor. You're resorting to hyperbole if you say that we'll end up giving the unemployed plasma TVs.

    I'm not suggesting we increase it to the point where people can live off state benefits without even needing to work, obviously. There needs to be some balance, as with all things like this. A 'something for nothing culture' quite apart from being an irritating conservative buzzphrase, is also pretty hard to accomplish.
  10. If you had any kind of idea about the working class people's psyche, you'd realise that the ones who have worked themselves up through the system really don't care. They're perfectly happy for their money to be taken off them to fund the poor, because they remember what it was like.
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