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  1. Careful, Mike lives there.

    It seems so. Sigh.
  2. So Monday night is rage night on the forums.
  3. Don't think it's possible to make Brixton any more shit.
  4. Wonder if Brixton met exists.
  5. It's a pretty steep slope downwards once you add met on the end of anywhere tbh.
  6. Aye, Wales has three creditable Unis. Aber, Cardiff and Glamorgan. But not Cardiff Met. We don't speak of Cardiff Met.

    I strolled right in through clearing like a badass. All the cool people do it that way.
  7. Wales has credible universities?!

    Not bad to say you waltzed in on clearing. Lucky bastard.
  8. Glamorgan. The only credible one that isn't Cardiff.
  9. I regret nothing.

    Which uni do you actually go to in Wales?
  10. That... is... gorgeous. Considering all the stick you gave me for living in Wales, I'd say this has worked out spectacularly well!
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