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  1. OCR? yeah i did. Got c2 2morrow. Did you?
  2. So did you sit the C1 exam yesterday?
  3. What else do you study then?
  4. ye it's nothing like I thought it would be. At the open day type thing it sounded interesting but it really has just been crap. Doesn't help that I have the 2 worst teachers for it
  5. Maths, Physics, Economics. I hated Chemistry, couldn't do it at all.
  6. ye our teacher sed to us to think about Mechanics questions logically and to look at your answer and see if that makes sense in the real world. I find chemistry very hard and so will probs drop at the end of this year. wot u do at college?
  7. Yeah, but it's relative. Some people will find Chemistry etc. harder. I'm the opposite though tbh, most people find Physics harder than Maths but I think Maths is the hardest.

    The thing with Physics is you need to understand the concepts rather than play around with numbers in Maths.
  8. really i gotta couple friends who are pretty awesome at maths and do struggle with physics. meant to be one of the hardest A levels isn't it?
  9. To avoid going off topic in my own thread. Physics isn't as difficult as it's made out to be if you're good at Maths! Although it is pretty damn difficult still. ^.^
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