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  1. Yeah, it wasn't exactly what I wanted but I had little choice since it all fell to shit in summer when everyone else was taken.

    Yeah I need to experience Newcastle
  2. BANTER! I said from the beginning it was a bad move just saying you should come up to Newcastle at some point man!
  3. Yeah his bird is just the most arrogant, narcissistic cunt I've ever met. Talks to me like a piece of shit on the end of her shoe and then throws her toys out of the pram because I don't take it.
  4. lol you still get on with the guy or not?
  5. I hate you so much.

    Break clause in May. STAYIN' STRONG.
  6. bare teckers mate £70 a week rent right next to uni and city centre lol activate spy camera!
  7. How teh fuck did you get 4 flats in one building. Was hard enough for me to find a flat.

    She also bitches about them a lot... She basically refuses to be in the same room as me now too so my oggle time has been hurt.
  8. in that girls defence she does have nice boobs
  9. yup 20 of us all together! 4 flats of 5 in same building SO MUCH BANTER! lol when is it?
  10. You move quick brah.

    Mate I have like the date I can break the contract circled.
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