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  1. Cheers I'll give that a crack.
  2. Not sure if you could teach power, you could go with rounds keeper though
  3. Pretty much forbid long shots from any of my players, Barca stylee. Problem seems to be that when he's shooting from the left he's trying to place it with a pretty hard angle, whereas when he blasts it the keeper just has no chance. Trying to work on his decisions and composure atm. you know if it's possible to teach a PPM like shoots with power as well (injured atm so can't check) and if it'd balance anything out?
  4. make sure his long shots will be rarely, so that he is placing his shots from inside the box, work on his composure too.
  5. Mate, you always know a bit about game mechanics. For some reason I decided to teach Fischer to place his shots (was thinking of playing him as a striker), but now I've broken as an inside forward. He won't unlearn it, so you know of a way I can cancel it out a bit? Ta.
  6. Partially anyway. There's always those that'd rather spend more time creating a thread than a quick rage post.
  7. Sigh andy didnt open it, ive been wondering why people have been complete retards. now i understand why.
  8. Psst frustrations thread needs opening.
  9. Redrup infracting me for basically arguing with him? Really? >.<
  10. Cheers. Looking around Clapham, Canada Water, Holloway, Camden, Borough so far. Should find something. Should have had a place in Canada Water but they wanted an outrageous deposit, and captain dickhead decided after a few months saying he suddenly doesn't want to move anymore.
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