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  1. Inflation is rising due to oil, China's surging food demand among other things, there's not much risk of deflation. Unemployment is going to take a hit no matter what, as I said in the thread, I'd rather cut some jobs now than wait for the debt to get worse and cut even more later. We're not going to become impoverished by a long shot, such hyperbole. There's a real risk of EU countries losing their sovereignty though, can see Germany/France taking control of the EU and managing the fiscal sides of countries like Ireland/Greece if they keep dragging the EU through the shit. I'm much more fearful for the EU than the UK right now.
  2. What other option do we have but austerity? Most countries have no money, large debts, and it is going to need paying back at some point. We'll gain prosperity again, but only once the deficit becomes manageable again. Think the Tories have received HUGE vindication for their cuts, thank God Labour didn't get in with their whole "lets wait to start the cuts" policy, leading us to get dragged into this mess.

    The US and UK are far too strong to not prosper again, they're the two education powerhouses of the world, every international student wants to study in our countries for it. I'm just glad I won't be entering the job market for a good 3-5 years.
  3. What do you make of the whole economy thing right now, then? Agree with making deep cuts or not? We debated it a lot in this thread: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/gener...ling-rise.html
  4. The BBC could lose funding and start advertising to support their costs like everyone else. ITV is free for everyone, has great news coverage, the most viewed saturday night show, the most viewed soap. If the BBC were actually forced to live off a profit instead of paying millions for people to present a few hours of TV a week at the expense of the taxpayer, they could achieve the same.

    I always disliked republicans anyway, maybe because over here everyone just refers to them as the incompetent, double digit IQ heroes that personify the American stereotype. Are they not purposely trying to get Obama to default on a debt to ruin his presidency as well? They seem to be fuelled by religious propaganda as a substitute for having any real policies. Also don't see why people bother going for strictly one side any more, either. Most major economies have accepted that a mix of both is the best way.
  5. Christ, how can anyone vote republican then. >.<

    I don't dislike the BBC, I just don't think it's worth the license fee. The news is admittedly good (The sport has slipped badly though) although I usually watch ITV. It's just it completely over pays for its "talent", and their programs don't suit anyone, yet they're forced to pay the license fee. They say it's better that they don't have adverts, but I'd rather watch adverts than be taxed for a stupidly inefficient organisation I barely use, you know?

    And I would have replied quicker but I've been dicking around with the damn student finance. Useless they are.
  6. I think FOX is quite unique in being world renowned for being complete shit. And sorry for being ignorant about US politics, but are FOX like extremely right wing, where others are closer to centre-right? From what I understood Democrats were similar to the Tories and then Republicans were just totally out right somewhere.
  7. I think Murdoch hate is pretty universal!

    His biographer was on the news today saying he thinks it could be the end of the Murdoch brand, his son's certainly done for etc. NewsCorp shares are plummeting everywhere too, yay! As bad as it sounds I hope the story about them hacking 9/11 victims has some truth to it, the American outrage would just be unreal and the final nail in the coffin.
  8. we didnt have the money, pure and simple i follow our finanical figures all the time

    Rooney is a 10 always has been it was only last season he was deployed as a 9, and even then he usually played as a false 10. so no aguero is not a more creative player, that is simply false to say that. As you say aguero has even played this rle so how can you say this?
    19m de gea
    40 sneidjer
    5 varane

    we many nt even sign a winger, we certainly wont pay 30m for a destroyer, especially as we are loking at the somewhat out of favour lassana diarra

    we always rotate our strikers so no it wouldnt crowd out our young players at all

    Rooney has played as a 10 dropping right to the centre circle and beyond. rooney has far more assists his passing game is far more expansive. Kun is simply not a more creative player. and i doubt anyone wuld agree with your assertion.

    40m on aguero is money well spent by us
  9. Saf has bent over backwards for 3 years for Dimi to be fair, deployed him in a number of ways to coax it out of him, but you cant keep hoping. he had a choice to make.
    Tevez admitted he was leaving before we ever put the contract out, and we didnt own him and were nt willing to pay 47m at the time, we didnt have that kind of money
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