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  1. Good old league 2, who'd follow a premiership team
  2. i loved the secound half, havent played barnet yet have away lost 2-0 bye bye davey, my mate was on the pitch that day i was proud to say im a hereford fan, we played shrewsbury and lost 4-0 i was there agen, and our fans where on the pitch fighting with theree fans whilst the game was going on, it was a disgrace! i hope stockport go went there and at the trainstation got attacked by 14 year olds chucking stones at us and had morecambe midweek game and 30 fans where there :|
  3. yeah, I was there You guys went understandabley mental, but I quite like Hereford, I'm hoping Barnet go down, they dived more then Chelsea, terrible team
  4. did ya go to the game i was nearly on the pitch when we scoredd the equaliser, good luck in the future with Northampton
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