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  1. Yeah, I'll have it a different name etc. Different league maybe too
  2. Yeah thats fine, obviously don't make the story too similar if thats ok
  3. Thanks man! I definately will! Mind if I use the same sort of story as yours, by that I mean everyone on the one team? I really love it.
  4. I saw that, your bap looks great, I would have joined but it's already started, let me know if you do another one
  5. Oh I get you now mate! Thanks a lot, I'm making a BAP story too ^_^. Loving yours though!
  6. If you click on the nation they play for then just click the tabs for U21 and U19, then just check to see if the players are there and how many caps they have. Just reply back if I didnt explain well enough
  7. Hey man, just wondering how you know how many games a player plays for the reserves and international youth teams (u17/19's). Thanks in advance.
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