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  1. Hey mate, KotW is back if your intrested in entering again. You made some great kits last season
  2. Wow, I am huge Roma fan and was looking for some new kits to change it up since I am couple years into the game. I came across this amazing kit, probably the best Roma FM kit I have ever seen!!!

    I was wondering if you could please please make an away and third version. For the away just change the base maroon red to white and the stripes from gold to maroon(but leave the collar how it is). For the third just change the maroon to black. It would also be fantastic if you could add the scudetto in the middle and the coppa italia patch just to the top left of the adidas logo.

    Forza Roma!!!
  3. Hey mate, I was just looking at the Rate my kit thread and seen your kits in your own template. I was just wondering would you care to share it? If not its fine.
  4. Joben, the link don't work! It says the file is 'invalid'
  5. Mate, did I send you a PM?
  6. Hey mate i just noticed your new template and trbngrs are very similar

    You both probably used the same base kit
  7. It's shame really. FMC has been suffering from a lot of problems recently and that just kills the site. I can't even look at it right now.
    That was my favourite site before Ben closed it. Never been the same afterwards..
  8. John finally got around banning them fucking bastards. They made a thread dissing mentally disabled children. Fucking dickheads.
    At least we have one less stain at our forum.
  9. Complained to John about them two. He told me till they break the rules we can't do anything.
    Just IP ban them and get on with it.
  10. I was referring to deathsquad.
    A shit username and a crap intro. Like you said, probably won't last long.
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