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  1. You are very close to being banned. I warned you (all) to pack that argument in on the city thread. Next one gets you a day ban
  2. Trevez Boy
  3. Dont understand your love of Nasri. He had a good season last year and still only manager 1 assist
  4. Why are you in the MAnchester United top section?

  5. Wanna be GH = You are predicting some club ( like man city) will be on top of the europe, and you start supporting them cuz of that, and when they win something you can tell " Yea, I supported them from the very beginning".
  6. You are calling a 7 year old boy a glory hunter ? Facepalm
    And the reason I started to support Man Utd is because of Cantona.
    One more thing.
    "Lol...it's so sad that you call me glory hunter when you started support United 13 years ago? They were winning many titles by then"
    We win at least one trophy almost every year. According to your comment, I should be born before 87' and maybe then I wouldn't be a "glory hunter" So, your argument is invalid.
    You love City. I respect that. But your every comment says to me " he is a wanna be glory hunter". Sorry if I'm wrong.
  7. Im 19. You see, Im not that much older than you. And your excuse to call someone scum is just pathetic. Respect everyone and you will get respect. And the fact you started supporting City two years ago just tells me that you really ARE glory hunter

  8. trololololoolololol
  9. Who exactly did wayne offend with his "What, fuck What" compared to richards " How do you feel micah" " Fucking amazing. " both live on TV, Both down a camera.. Richards was even 10 minutes after he scored... So no different. The Elbow makes no difference to this incident, they both should be treated as different.
  10. Your point was completely off topic.. If you wanted to talk about the Elbow. You should of VMed me. I think he should of got banned for that, but just because they got that wrong, doesnt mean banning him here is correct.... Two wrong dont make a right....

    Again you miss the richards point... Or did you not know city then.
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