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  1. Well, sorry.
  2. So you can read someone's sarcasm flawlessly on the internet? Riiiiight.

    "I didn't say.." forms a question perfectly fine. "I didn't say that, did I?" is perfectly correct form.

    I don't care about grammar, I do Maths & Physics, not English. I don't care if it's not of strict form, I'm fairly certain my vocabulary and grammar skills are above the vast majority of the nation, and I still stand by the fact what I said conveyed my message perfectly fine, which is the whole point of language. If you heard it in real life I'm fairly sure you wouldn't care. I'm writing on a forum, on a post that was off topic and I was on my way out - strictly correct grammar wasn't top of my agenda.
  3. I didn't call it a tag, don't put words in my mouth. You said 'Do not' is not in anyway a question. I just showed it is. I put a question mark because you quoted me and went off on a complete tangent, the way you worded your post implied I said something about EA, which I didn't, and a question mark - since this is the internet where emotion is impossible to display - signified bemusement.
  4. Did not works fine as a question.

    Tag question - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  5. I just said what was in the article - negotiations broke down with 'Pool and Pardew said they had been tracking him for some time. Thus why he was signed only a matter of hours after the negotiations broke down. That's all
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