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  1. You interested in any more loans?
    Oliver - 2m
    Young 2m
    Nani - 4m
    Janiuzaj - 2m
    Fletcher - 2m
  2. anymore Loans you interested in?
    ok will do that now.
  3. Done write to Borne '' Donald Love to Crystal Palace for 4million and Koke has joined aswell on loan to the end of the season.''
  4. Yes the Koke Loan deal will now be done in another way.
    You pay me 4m for the transfer of a crap u18 player and have Koke on as a free loan.
    That way I have the Loan Fee and you have the Player. So sent in a msg to borne saying that you have purchased from me Donald Love for 4m and Koke on loan. I will confirm it then.

    Hope I am clear.
  5. Can I still have Koke on loan??
  6. ????
  7. Can I still Koke despite Borne saying that their is no fee. Can I have him on loan. He wud be a massive signing for me and will get game time to improve. Please, thanks.
  8. Crystal Palace have reached an agreement with Man Utd over the signing of Koke on loan to the end of the season.

    Sent this to Borne mate
  9. Yes thats a deal. Now to avoid Confusion SEND Borne a msg of this deal and send it to 2 recipients. that is - Send the Msg Confirming the deal to Borne and Me and then I will confirm it.
    Hope there arent Confusions now.
  10. I'll give you 4m for Koke on loan to end of the season. He will get definite game time!
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