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  1. No I don't wanna pay 2m for him. Maybe next time
  2. Yes available on Loan @ Loan Fee 2m
    But borne doesnt allow Loan fee so I have come up with a solution.
    You purchase from me a crap u18 yputh player and pay 2m for him and take welbeck on loan.
  3. Hey mate is welbeck available on loan still? If so can I get him from ya
  4. Thanks buddy. Will do.
  5. Ya deal on both. Msg this to borne and i will confirm
  6. Yeh I'd love to get Zaha on loan if possible. I want fabio so what about 5.5m?
  7. Have had bids of 5m for Fabio. if you want to match that you can.
    also we havnt confirmed Zaha with Borne. having had soo many offers for Zaha. but you were the first to contact so u get your man.
  8. hey dude is fabio still available for 4m? if so can I get him?
  9. Ok that's a fair deal. If anyone bids for Benteke then I will let you know. We'll have to message Borne on Friday to confirm it, cheers mate
  10. Zaha is available to be Loaned @ 100% Wages Paid by the Loaning Club
    . For that, I will want Benteke's First Refusal.
    ie IF any club approach you for Benteke and a Deal is negotiated, I will be informed of that before confirming and would have the Right to match the same bid for Benteke...
    Deal if I get that.
    As for Clevz, He will be a Rotation option and hence will be used.
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