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  1. I'm a keen writer, and I've been wanting to write a novel (yes,I step etc.) But I never knew 'what kind of storyline etc... So I'm thinking - a career of a boy, a football manager career...! Got any storyline?! What I'm going to do is include a football manager save in it etc... See how it goes basically!

    And hmm yes they sound quite interesting saves actually! I'll have a think... I'm definitely going to do a fm14 story eventually! It's nice to know some people remember melmy stoke story
  2. How about Portsmouth as we have great youth in Brad Tarbuck, Dan Butler and best of all Super Jed Wallace and have some nice experience in David Connolly, Simon Ferry, Joe Devera, Johnny Ertl and Big Pat Agyemang also with our new owner, supporters trust we wont start in admin and have no money to spend get in ! If not i wouldnt mind a Palace or Sunderland story
  3. hii, yeah I was thinking about doing one! Not sure who to do one with yet , hmm
  4. Hi are you gonna make another story for this years FM as your Stoke one was class by far the best story on here when you were doing it
  5. I've been thinking about one, i am going to have a browse through some stories to give me a bit of inspiration for a good start!
  6. hi pal i read your amazing stoke story few years back any chance of a new story?
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