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  1. cool ive updated mine aswell ill check yours out
  2. chapter for august is up mate
  3. next chapter is up on the pompey threat mate
  4. my fulham story out now not the best layout but hopefully get better
  5. awesome. oh yeah forgot about that haha well let me know once its up and running mate enjoy
  6. yeah i was swinging towards Fulham.
    story be up in bit but new owner not on LFC Marshall update so they have the same ammount as west ham
  7. probably Fulham, they have a new owner now in real life and they have more money than West Ham.
  8. haha what story would interest you the most to read Hammers or Fulham
  9. as im a Toon fan ill say dont be Sunderland haha but Fulham have got two cracking players in Boateng and Amorbieta so should be good but also west ham have signed Carroll permenant so tough choice
  10. yeah i do i may be Bournemouth but thinking someone like Fulham,Sunderland or West Ham
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