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  1. What site are you using to upload it mate ?
  2. So when will you upload the tactic mate. Are you going to do it tomorrow?
  3. No nothing mate.
  4. I am quite confused. Where are the links to the screenshots
  5. That's great news mate
  6. Thank you so much for the advise mate. Do you instruct you midfielders and your wingers to make through balls often? Because of the poachers. I really like that you play with two poachers. The poacher is the only role that ever scores for me actually. Cant wait
  7. No worries mate. I started playing fm back in 2009 and understood nothing in the game. I only download tactics till fm 11, then I started to make my own tactics. I am actually horrible at making tactics so I download tactics mainly from fm base. I'm a big fan of playing with three strikers but always when I play with three strikers in fm12 my wide strikers scored 5 goals a season. I'm not a big fan of that me exploit back in fm 12. Back in fm 11 I had all of my strikers scoring 20-40 goals with my own tactic. A flat 4-3-3. I have only tried one tactic in fm13, mr langvatn tactics and had no success with it. I never play tactics with one striker, only two or three. I'm as well a big fan of the 4-2-2-2 formation. But since you are not uploading the tactic till tomorrow can you tell me what roles and duties you use for your players? And how many goals do your striker score average every season.
    thank you so much lukieboy
  8. Thanks mate . But for the previous Fm games the highest i have got to is 2015. Mainly because i have just not found the tactic that can be stable for me. I have both created and downloaded tactics but haven't had any success. I'm actually rather surprise that you used the control stragety. I have actually never used it. But can tell me how you did on your first seasons with Liverpool.And what Match Preparation do you use? And could you do me one more favor and as well upload the Classic version of your tactic. Sorry for asking you for so much.
    Thank you so much for everything Lukieboy
  9. Could you upload it? Your screenshots look amazing.
    I'm a big Liverpool fan but have had no success in Fm.
    Then i saw that you had crazy success with Liverpool
    Also have you used this tactic in earlier Fm games ?
  10. What tactic are you using on your liverpool save ?
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