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  1. It was AVB, but now you mention it, him as well.
  2. We are talking about Villas-Boas right, not Torres?
  3. I could live with that, even if he is a rentboy nowadays.
  4. Even if he has the thick layer of grease and chip fat that comes with living in West London.
  5. Can't say I blame you, he is an attractive man.
  6. To be fair, I still would.
  7. He's like an ex. I know I shouldn't but I still love and have feelings for him
  8. < It's nice to know you're so supportive of Chelsea nowadays.
  9. Good lad. Lotsa respect for you right now.
  10. I've done it four times now, he keeps coming back. He's a whipped ickle bitch.
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