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  1. Ah fair play. No worries Nice to see you posting again
  2. I dont really get time mate as I have a six month old girl to look after now.
  3. Hey bud, long time no speak! Can you still make custom logos for teams?
  4. I will try to do it Wednesday mate if thats ok.

    Send me a reminder as I swear I have early stages of dementia lol. Forgot I had work today. OOOPS
  5. Hi Dan mate im doing ok. I can make one for you but I cant say when I could get it done unfortunately. If you still want to give me the details of what you want doing then I will do it but as I said I cant say when.
  6. Use the fx in photoshop. Give the shape a stroke which puts an outline around it. If its a shield shape and you want two different colours to split the shield say like arsenals then duplicate the shape and give it a colour overlay then crop the duplicate in half and layer position it over the main layer.
  7. Sorry mate not really been about lately. One of the first things to do is create a stock of different shapes of shields. There is a download for photoshop that some one did just google shield shapes for photoshop. One of the things I do is look at the teams current badge for anyway you can improve or modernise it or see if the club has an older badge that has some ideas you can use. If this has no effect then I look into the clubs wikipedia page or the place where they are situated to get some inspiration for any types of landmarks the club is near. Eg the bull statue in the Bull Ring in Birmingham. This site here is good for finding some images that can be cut using photoshop.

    It used to take me between 30 minutes to two hours of fiddling around and resizing shapes etc to come up with something that looked good or different.
    Hope that helps and if you have anything else you want to ask then let me know.
  8. Yeah its all done check yours and let me know
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