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  1. You still here?!
  2. Hola Harry, up for a bit of 3-way.

    Me, you and Sam - Brighton & Hove Albion - What do you think? The Charnock Challenge.
  3. That is okay Hazza man, you need to recharge your batteries. You are like Chuck Norris, you don't eat and drink - you just work!
  4. not bothered mate just might not post updates as regular as you'd like. been really busy recently.
  5. Any team you would like in particular?
  6. Charnock Vs Charnock Vs Charnock?
  7. Maybe a three way challenge Harry, between you, me and Sam?
  8. Hey Harry - great signatures by the way. I was wondering if you could create a Topic name for a Blackburn career I am starting now. Also, if you have any free time, a Blackburn Sig would be great!

    Many thanks,
    David, Brighton
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