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  1. sounds rather time consuming haha, do you have twitter or facebook or anything?
  2. I'm not doing much either. Mainly just preparing for my exams at University.
  3. not much in particular really mate, college and that's about it, how about you?
  4. Holy shit, indeed. I'm pretty good, thanks. You up to much nowadays?
  5. holy shit, i'm good thanks man, what about you?
  6. Yeah, I'm alive, thanks. What about you? How's life?
  7. are you alive big guy?

  8. Hard as nails dad eyyy? Better not go breaking her heart harry.
  9. i know
    she's soft, couldnt batter a fish. her dad's frightening though - he could
  10. I'm only joking harry.
    I'd feel like a paedo and a bastard plus she's from longsight............She'd knock me out.
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