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  1. haha, :') you've got alot to learn about mr.gannon
  2. Neh I think Owen will stay to be honest. Our best centre back and hopefully they will bury their differences.
  3. very very good manager.
    but he tends to cause trouble with any players who disagree with his point of view.
    Gaz Owen's likely to be gone soon, the two really don't get on at all.
  4. Gannon as new manager. Sam says he is good? Are we right to be hopeful of promotion?

    Like my avatar?
  5. Did the graphics work okay?

    Also, in the thread,I think you should show the images for the kits and the badge. Would look better
  6. will do mate, do i have you?
  7. Done the kits this morning, come on msn
  8. Cheers mate, and if you can think of a new thread name that would be grand.

  9. there really is shitloads of them, i've already taken a disliking to that reddevilz95 guy or whatever his name is.

    alrighty mate, i shall have a mooch
  10. Haha pal, I dunno. There seems to be quite a lot of spam about the place nowadays, pretty sad I must say

    If you fancy a read, my West Ham story has been updated like three times since you went and I may need a new thread name. This one is getting boring.

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