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  1. Hi Jay yes ill give it a blast for you mate ill do a full season as ive just finish my 1st season with your v1 tactic and did well as you can see with what ive put in your thread...But yes defo if you send me it ill give it a blast and not tweak anything n ill not sign any players so that all my players will be use to the tactic and = ill be start my pre-season soon with Barca so just let me no any help i can give you i will mate....

    Look forward to hearing from you...

    Cheers Dave
  2. Hi there do you fancy trying V2 for me as i just haven't got the time to do it. You will have to do a whole season with no tweak and then just let me know with a few screenshots and where i've got wrong and what i can do to make it better?

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