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  1. Hi again, Quick u know how t make the background change cause on fm09 i downloaded a pack which when i viewed a player i.e (Rooney) it was a Rooney background and if i viewed a team i.e(AC Milan) it was the stadium background... I'm jst wondering if ya know how 2 make them changr or ya doin a background pack???

    Cheers Dave
  2. Hi m8 thanks 4 the skin jst downloadin it nw..

    How do u make skins n other stuff lik it and upload it onto fm-base 4 other ppl t download as i wud lik 2 give it a go sumtime????

    Cheers again 4 the skin..
  3. Hi mate, Just finished a Man Utd themed skin and i know you asked me about doing one, so thought i would PM u the download link... you can go to the skins sections of the site and download it.
    hope its ok
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