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  1. K bud, no worries
  2. Oh fuck. Sorry man, completely forgot. Will be done by Monday at the latest!
  3. Hey man, have you managed to get that config done yet? No worries if you haven't, just that I tried to do one a while back and it apparently doesn't work.
  4. Yeah, no probs buddy.
  5. I'll get it done tomorrow mate. Got a fair amount of school work on my plate atm!
  6. Cheers, bud! Here's the link for the download with the kits in it.

  7. Of course matey!
  8. Hey, buddy, you still able to help me out and make configs for the kitpacks?
  9. Yeah, positive it's 121212.
  10. Well, it's SS10 kits if that makes a difference! lol
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