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  1. Hey man, where are you posting nowadays?
  2. I found a neat wee trick the other day! When you select the wand tool, three boxes will appear, saying Anti-Alias (should be ticked), Contiguous (will probs be ticked) and Sample all layers (ignore this). Untick the contiguous box, and when you select a part of a layer, all other parts of the layer which are the same colour will be selected too, so it makes it easier to 'undress' logos. Then you just colour overlay and resize and all that jazz.
  3. Hey pal, any chance you can let me know how you change colours of badges for kits, like you did on that Varazdin kit for me a while ago? Totally forgot
  4. Will do 'em later.
  5. Sorry mate, all your other kits are spot on kid. I am sure you will come up with something ace. Thanks a lot and sorry to be an ass
  6. Oh. Right. Well, I suppose so.
  7. Sorry mate but for the first time ever, I am not that happy with my kits. Don't suppose you could have another go could you? And maybe with a nice sponsor on? Sorry to be a pain
  8. Your kits are feeneeshed.
  9. Your kits are ready, sir.
  10. They are being uploaded! IN A MOMENNNNNNT!!!

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