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  1. Hey Nick, they are in development at the moment - want to get 'em right!

    TBH, I'm not really around on Base much these days but all my work is going up over on FMFanboys.
  2. hello mate, have you had a chance with any new training regimes yet?
  3. do you have any Part-Time training schedules for download?
  4. I snooze, I lose!
  5. yh , anyway, make sure you vote
  6. Looks like I've missed the boat, you have 32 entrants already!
  7. - would you like to take part in it?
  8. well, it kind of depends on what country you are in. I generally have prize money on a scale of how well developed a country is. So UAE, USA, England etc. have large prize money and afghanistan, pakistan etc. has small prize money
  9. Any tips? I struggle to know what prize money and tv money to give as well as coming up with original ideas.
  10. don't know yet , maybe you should get some practice in for the next competition
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