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  1. aw thats shit man :L and yeah i will download next time i am on fanboys for sure and i will give feedback over base most likely as im never at fmfb
  2. Hi mate, I pop in from time to time but I'm not really around on Base much these days and it's true that I do spend more time on FMFb. The training calculator is still in it's BETA stage but basically it's an excel worksheet designed to help you create individual schedules for each of your players based on their attributes and playing position/duty. It's exclusively on FMFb but you can download it there if you'd like to give it a try - I'm really keen to get some feedback. I'm currently working on adding in the new individual focus aspect of training so hope to make it even better still.
  3. hey, have you left base just checked out fanboys and you are fairly active there, lol and whats this training calculator lol?
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