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  1. We were going to, bu might have to miss out on it as can't really be bothered with the inevitable shit and uneccessary shit treatment from police Valencia is still an option though, my cousin lives there so
  2. I never saw that in the paper mate are you going down to Old Trafford for the game?
  3. A valid point made in a paper today though, was that Man u fans ran riot down Paisley Road West when they came here in 2003
  4. lol i just posted a message on facebook asking celtic fans how long lennon will be manager because lets face it even mowbray took them to europe oh and the manchester police will be shitting it for rangers going back down
  5. I'm quietly confident, but not gonna mouth off about how we will or won't do this, just let what happens happen On another note....... UP THE UTRDHT !!
  6. Decent mate we could snatch a point against United at Ibrox and Valencia are there for the taking there a shell of the team off last season and i don't have a clue about the Turks
  7. Your thoughts on our group ?
  8. I've never heard off him before mate we are up shit creek we need to start bringing players in not selling players
  9. Well what they're basically saying is that Boughy could be off to Stuttgart for 5 or 6 million and we'll be bringing in this guy from St Ettiene Yohan Beloaune. Was wondering if you knew who he was ?
  10. I have signed up but i'm not allowed to view them till a mod or admin authorize my account
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