How Should I Set Up My MONACO.

  1. How Should I Set Up My MONACO.


    A very long frustrating season has seen me promoted with 6 games to go, runner up or 3rd place possible. Form has been very inconssistant. I have a more then capable squad and I think I should have won the league or at least challenged, I have not.

    So far-

    I set up 2 tatics that I have been tweaking all season, with not much sucsess. various 4-5-1's. my most recent. flat back 4, 2 holding dm's. One anchor one defensive. an advanced am, 2 IF's all on support, my striker being a target man, as its his best role and has notched 20+goals.

    my second a 4-1-4-1, very direct counter attacking formation. not the best.

    Im am trying to create -
    1. an attacking 451, wide play would be more to my liking to benefit my TM.
    2. an counter attacking tatic, for seeing out games, tricky away ties etc.

    I have good squad depth. various roles for many positions -


    any help, tips much apprieciated.

  2. Try this if you want buddy letme know if you do and how you get on

    The big release! 2-3-2-2-1 Total football!

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