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Losing the will to live
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  1. Losing the will to live

    Need some major help with my Arsenal side, struggling is an under statement.

  2. Lets see your formation and team instructions.

    I am surprised you haven't been sacked yet.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Dunc View Post
    Lets see your formation and team instructions.

    I am surprised you haven't been sacked yet.
    He is pretty much guaranteed to be sacked in December.

  4. Im shocked that i haven't been to be fair

  5. Try 4-1-2-1-2

  6. My 3-7-0 is working really well with arsenal. Lost 1 in about 10 games i think. Conceded maybe 4-3 would have to check.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by CSullivanAFC4 View Post
    Im shocked that i haven't been to be fair

    While I am no tactical genius, maybe try setting it to: Balanced, attacking, More pressing, Committed tackling, more roaming then set the rest to default. I generally run with this set up in FM13 and it did well with most teams, the only time I deviated from it I got relegated as Newcastle.. so yeah.

  8. In my opinion part of the problem is you're playing Arteta as a ball-winning midfielder. His tackling and strength are nowhere good enough for that. You're best listening to Bould as to what role to play Arteta. He's more of a deep-lying/advanced playmaker. Take your pick between them.

    Maybe go for advanced over deep-lying, because he needs to have reasonable tackling for that as well. I know you've got Cazorla as an AP, but if you watch Arsenal in real life, on the rare occasion we do attack these days, he's not the only one creating chances.
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  9. As Gloucester (non-league I know!) I use 4-1-3-2 with FB's set to automatic, DLC set to cover and DRC to stopper.

    1 Defensive Midfielder set to Anchor Man, all 3 attacking midfielders set to attack (wingers/attacking midfielder) and up top the left striker a Poacher and right striker a target man.

    My Instructions:

    Very Fluid
    Short Passing
    More Disciplined
    More Aggressive Tackling (don't be afraid of selecting this - my yellow card/red card count after 20 games is 7 yellows and 1 red so nothing to cry about)
    Zonal Marking
    Drill Crosses
    No Roaming

    Normal to Deep Defensive Line (move it to the notch before it says 'Deep')
    Width - Wide
    Tempo - Quick
    Time Wasting - Never
    Passing - Down Both Flanks
    Counter Attack - Yes
    Play Offside - No

    Playmaker - AMC
    Target Man - STC (Right)
    Target Man Supply - To Head

    In game, get the ball forward, exploit flanks, shoot on sight, hit early crosses, play wider and get stuck in.

  10. Went on to manage Arsenal for another 6 weeks after eventually being sacked after the Chelsea game, tightened up at the back a little but struggled to score. Only one victory since last posting which isn't good enough but satisfyingly for me it was against Spurs. Just a couple of days later was offered the Fulham job surprisingly so hope to do a better job at the cottage.

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