Tactic for Manchester City

  1. Tactic for Manchester City

    Hey guys,

    got the game yesterday so im just settling in. i tried my 4-2-2-2 tactic which i was successful with last year with Man City but in the first few games of the season i have struggled badly.

    can anyone suggest any tactics for Man City?

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  3. play like they play mate!

    4231 with 3 central attacking mids

    short/creative/pressing/narrow with a normal to high defensive line

  4. I had a bit of success with a city tactic i made up in the beta.

    I played the formation raikan suggested.

    Tevez- STC- Poacher (Att)
    Nasri -AMCL- Advanced playmaker (Support)
    Aguero- AMC - Inside Forward (Att)
    Silva - AMCR - Advanced Playmaker (Support)

    Garcia- CMR - Ball Winning Midfielder (Defend)
    Toure- CML - Bpx to Box mid (Support)

    Used more or less the same team instructions that raikan suggested as well

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