How can I improve this tactic?

  1. How can I improve this tactic?

    I am playing with Liverpool and I have it set so that there is no transfer budget at the beginning (I did sign Dani Guiza as a free agent though). This means everyone has the players they are meant to have at the beginning (for realism purposes).

    I decided to make my own tactic and I am using the following:


    GK - Defend
    RB as WB - Attack
    CB - Defend
    CB - Defend
    LB as WB - Attack
    DM - Defend
    DLP - Support
    BBM - Support
    AMR as Inside Forward - Attack
    AML as Inside Forward - Attack
    ST as Advanced Forward - Attack

    Style: Fluid

    Strategy: Standard (I change to Attack when weak opponent or average opponent at home and Counter or Defend when tough opponent)

    Passing Style: Direct

    Creative Freedom: More Expressive

    Closing Down: Press More

    Tackling: More Aggressive

    Marking: Zonal Marking

    Crossing: Default

    Roaming: More Roaming

    The only individual player sliders I've changed are that the wingbacks cross aim at the far post (hope fully more chance of my players heading it while the ball is getting there) and that my wingers and striker don't do long shots (to not waste possession).


    Johnson-----Skrtel----Agger---Jose Enrique

    ---------------Lucas Leiva----------------




    I rotate Borini with Guiza and I sometimes put Suarez up front as well and Assaidi or Borini as the LW - Inside Forward. Sterling I sometimes replace with Downing. I rotate Gerrard with Shelvey or Henderson or Joe Allen sometimes as the deep lying playmaker. For the Box to Box midfielder I always use either Shelvey or Allen. As the Defensive Midfielder I used to use Allen because Lucas Leiva was injured but now I am using Leiva as the main one and Allen as backup if I don't use him in the starting 11. I use Robinson to replace Jose Enrique sometimes, Coates to replace either Agger or Skrtel. Kelly I use for when Glen Johnson isn't fit or playing badly.

    What do people think? Does anyone see any flaws with this tactic? Should I tick my DLP as playmaker and my ST as the target man?

    Sometimes I am having a hard time finishing the ball with weaker defensive opponents.

  2. change your ST to the target man in team settings then change the WBL/R, AML/R to cross aim to target man, also change on team settings target man supply to run onto ball.

  3. None of my strikers have Target Man qualities though? If I change it to this, what will it do?

  4. he doesn't have to be special as long as he can run and put ball away

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