Borussia Dortmund Der BVB tactic
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  1. Borussia Dortmund Der BVB tactic

    Hi, i am looking for a borussia dortmund type of tactic, something like the 4-2-3-1 they use IRL, with hummels more like a ball playing def, bender as a ball wining, gundogan playmaker.Also, the most important thing, it should enable me to use gotze and reuss, behind lewandovski with full potential, while being helped by grosskreutz or perisic. Of course with an attacking flavour and nice movement. Thank in advance!

  2. Is Gundogan really the playmaker? Isn't it Gotze the one who creates behind Lewandowski with Blaszczykowski and Reus being the fast wingers?

  3. Yes, Gotze is the one who creates, but i was refering to Gundogan as a deeplying/advanced playmaker on suport ;D
    I was thinking about koflok's goal galore, but the tactic is still in testing phase
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  4. Hi I am playing with Dortmund too, i am on the look out for tactic - any help suggestions would be must appreciated...


  5. I suggest you tactic created by Zero Sea...real madrid style, which i love it, i hope that you dont have frustrations with mourinho style

    Try it

  6. Hey guys, i think that a good tactic to use as a start is Raikaans Awesome AMC which is a 4-2-3-1 and you can have gotze as the AMC and Reus and Blacwz??????ski as your wingers and it also has a DLP and BWM which you stated you want Bender in this role, it also has good movement aswell Just change Lewandowski to something other than Poacher, maybe Target Man or Advanced Forward

  7. and where is that tactic? i think its a fm2012 because i didn't find it on fm 13 ;s

  8. I have one which would be great for perisic etc 4-2-3-1, has a ball winning midfielder/deep lying playmaker etc. Won the F.A cup with bristol city in my first year, 4th in La Liga with grenada and 4/3/2 with hannover using perisic as AML. Could send it if you like?

  9. @ dinho80 i was talking about brommer ;p
    @lukeeggy, yes, send it please would be grateful ;d

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