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Wolves in 2018

  1. Wolves in 2018

    OK i'm kinda invested in my Wolves team in season 2017/18 so don't wanna start again just yet and never found playing the already big teams interesting, so I'm going to provide as much information as I can and some tactical feed back would be nice.

    I've had some success 2 Cups League and FA Cup main concern is that I feel my team has difficulty breaking down teams that sit back and seek to frustrate me and have better look against bigger sides.

    Squad, a foreign legion will link screen caps to Regens I have


    Matej Delac
    Sinan Bolat
    Mattia Perrin


    Nicolas Moisan (Regen
    Ciro Maione (Regen
    Marco Maldonado (Regen
    Danny Batth
    Chris Smalling
    Matja Nastasic
    Martin Ridley (Regen
    Lasse Norregaard (Regen
    Ezequiel Cirigliano
    Angel Scaglia (Regen
    Andres Cayazaya (Regen
    Samir Nasri
    Lucas Andersen
    Younes Belhanda
    Santos (Regen
    Giuseppe Rossi
    Manolo Gabbiadini
    Son Heung-Min
    Joaozinho (Regen
    Emmanuel Alcaraz (Regen

    Been playing 4-5-1 with a DM and pushed up wingers in games I will find hard and 4-5-1 with an AM against smaller teams, started the season with 4-4-2 Diamond in the mix but found myself getting defeats 28th of Feb 10th in season not won in 9 games since new years day. Feel fullbacks are my major weakness. A lot of my issue is passing ball around a lot around the box and poor finishing.

    Playing counter mostly when defensive and control or attacking on the attack. Match prep tends to be defensive again big teams attacking against smaller and vary up the default focus. It feels like a lot of info but also a lot left out feel free to ask for more
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  2. Sorry, i don't know a tactic but your regens look soooo amazing! how did you find them?

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