Help with chelsea?

  1. Help with chelsea?

    Hey guys,

    I'm new to football manager and i need help!

    Can anyone recommend good training programs,

    Tactics and so forth for chelsea?

    I just can't seem to win a lot of the games and i don't know why.

    Thanks for the answers.


  2. If you have a look around the forum there is a amazing Chelsea guide somewhere

  3. awesome! thanks mate, i have looked around but i hadn't seen that one anywhere.

  4. Still need some help with the tactics and training and such.

  5. For training go to youtube and watch goldenFm as he has put out a brilliant training tutorial. As for tactics if you havent already played pre season the experiment loads, apart from that pick your best eleven players and base a tactic on them, then alter that a bit for your second tactic and then have a similar 3rd tactic. It is vital that you have three tactics. I normally play with 41221(contain,fluid,for away games) 4231 (control,fluid,gor home games) and 4222(attack/overload,fluid for games wich im either losing badly or opponents have red card and im losing with only 10/20 mins left) as my three tactics. Sorry its not that good im just trying to explain what i do

  6. Still need some help! if anyone could post a trainings program or recommend good roles for my players and such!

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