Please Help with tactics after 13.1.3 patch

  1. Please Help with tactics after 13.1.3 patch

    Can anyone help with my tactics, basically since 13.1.3 I cant buy a win. I was playing the Mr Hough wingbacks formation and it has flopped post patch, so I switched to the 271 pav counter, that was LLLLL aswell.

    I am in a network mode with a few mates and amazingly just got the Chelsea job from birmingham on that back of awful results and no promotion. I am looking to build a 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 with a dm.

    What if anything works on this new patch, anyone had any success? help fast or roman will have me out the door. (tips/advice/downloads wanted)

  2. Awesome AMC™ by Raikan007

    Fm13 in comparison to Fm12: Please read before complaining

    there are too many things to mention mate, where are you going wrong? are you trying to play the same way you did in Fm12? if you are, you not going to win much

    its a whole new game, whole new approach, whole new animal Fm13 love it!

    I have won 11 games in a row, lost only once so far this season as well (using the above tactic of mine and my new one I am working on)

    manage the team, act like a real manager, think like one!

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Raikan007 View Post
    manage the team, act like a real manager, think like one!
    and that's where all the problems starts
    every1 thinks its the same as fm12 where you could just plug and play and win a lot without taking time to look at AI and own team

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