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Help with Tactic - 13.1.3

  1. Help with Tactic - 13.1.3

    Pre-patch, i was in my second season with A Villa.

    After ten games, i have 9 wins 1 draw and playing unbelievable. Creating 4-6 CCC's a match with 15 shots on goal, tight defence and goals from my 2 main strikers but my wing backs getting in on the act with maybe 5-7 goals a season.

    Post-patch, shots down to 4-5 a game and CCC's down to 0-1. Leaking goals primarily through set pieces (even with defending set piece match prep) and defence mistakes in my own half with passes going astray.

    I was using this

    DLP(-A) AS(-A)


    BBM(S) BBM(S)

    WB(-A) DLP(D) WB(-A)

    BLP(D) CD(D)


    With a rigid, counter tactic. Back line position i change depending on pace of the attackers, play a very direct and fast counter attack, closing down the opposition with hard challenges.

    Before, the wingbacks were excellent but now they are pulled out of position left right and centre. Suggestions much appreciated!

  2. found the same so moved to 3 at the back with 2 wing back infront. Give it a go. I uses to play 23221 its now 3223. let me know if it works Matti's Goal Machine 13 - Downloads - Football Manager 2013 Tactics, Wonderkids & Cheats
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