Tactic for Everton?

  1. Tactic for Everton?

    Managed to get through 3 seasons with Everton before getting sacked (league finishes 7th, 6th and 16th) using various tactics, usually a variation on 4-2-3-1.

    I am going to start a new game because of how frustrated I am and a I wondered if I could get some advice?

    I normally line up like this:


    Coleman Jagielka Distin Baines

    Fellaini (BWM) Gibson (DLP)

    Mirellas (W) Osman (AP) Pienaar (IF)

    Jelavic (CF)

    Normally play Control at home and counter away. I generally make little tweaks for whatever team I'm playing. I played about 15 games using this and my tactic and I still can't seem to pick up points.

    I think I am just really bad at this game, which is really gutting cause I have been playing for 20 years on the series!!

  2. http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/footb...ml#post1632831

    I think you did try this if I am not mistaken, however, I have just uploaded a new version about 40 minutes ago, check the OP mate

    good luck

  3. Yes I did.

    To be honest, I have a feeling that selling certain players in my 3rd season and brining in good players, but then they've taken time to settle could have been the problem.

    I had Pjanic for goodness sake!

  4. I used this with Everton with good results


  5. nezza 5-2-1-2.tac give this a try mate you'll be impressed.

  6. Nezza, I used your tactic for about 15 games and while I did have some decent results, I also got slaughtered 4,5 and 6-0. Conceded loads from crosses.

    TBF, I will give it a bash.

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