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Arsenal Tactic

  1. Arsenal Tactic

    Funny I see 2 arsenal threads before me, anyways, I've got a pretty changed up squad so I guess I'll ask.

    Here are the men I bought on the first transfer window. Fellaini is joining me on January 1

    Arsenal Tactic-arsenal_-transfers-history.png

    I've been trying to play these tactics as my own

    Arsenal Tactic-arsenal_-tactics-overview-2.pngArsenal Tactic-arsenal_-tactics-overview-3.png

    As for my tactic making skills, theyre close to none, I've been using premade tactics since I started playing last year, FM12.

    Any suggestions on how to better use my players? Also, I'm buying into the being a more active manager in this year's game. Im open to changing/tweaking things mid-game to get results. I just need guidance on the right path lol.

  2. Why not start with the most simple Of tactics, à 442 or à 441. Use à Balanced Counter, Standard and an Attack.
    Keep the team settings on default and use shouts.

    - exploit flanks

    Or retain possession

    Or get ball forward

    .. And then watch the game closely. What happends if you use Counter and get ball forward against à team sitting deep, or against a team pushing up. What happends if you play Attack and retain against the same . Etc etc

  3. How do you normally break a team with 2 defensive midfielders?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by jonts09 View Post
    How do you normally break a team with 2 defensive midfielders?
    I usually try to Overload and exploit the flanks, at the same time having one FC dropping deep(like à TQ) and one Stretching the defence( advanced FC) and one MC pushing up to create movement in the middle. I would use Wide Midfielders and Wingbacks rather than wingers and fullbacks as t-balls are preferred over crosses here.
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  5. gonna try out the 4411 have Giroud and Isco man the front, Gotze and Walcott/Ox the wide midfields, Wilshere and Arteta/Carzola the CMs. Then just adjust when Fellaini joins in January. Trying out Overload and exploit wings now. Will give you feedback

  6. played two games now, 4411, lost twice, 2-1 with a Laurent Koscielny own goal on both games lol

    games were against Sunderland and Reading. Next game will be against Man Utd
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  7. Got totally beat by Man Utd. I've been tweaking my tactics little by little.
    Im just really having a hard time against teams with a 4231 formation like what Man Utd had.

    Any tips for that?

  8. You missunderstood me. Dont use the Strategy Overload. I meant use the shouts " play wider, exploit flanks, use overlaps , all within the Strategy you are using.

  9. I've been pretty much struggling against very defensive counter-attacking teams like Stoke. Any tips how to break them down?

    Arsenal Tactic-arsenal-v-stoke_-field-full.png

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