Crystal Palace - Keeping Up

  1. Crystal Palace - Keeping Up

    So I came 2nd place in the champonship and did orite for my self (Was annoyed I didn't win, but Wolves dominated and only lost 5 games). Anyways im in the premiumship now and im wanting to do the best I can. I don't really want to settle for "Avoiding Relegation" I rather push as far as I can up the league (Got to get the fans buzzing)

    Im decent on FM I think, I dont really understand shouts or how to counter other tactics but Im getting there.

    So far Ive been using 5-3-2 and its done orite for me. Ive spent all my transfer budget now on meh signings, should of took more time. So this comes completely down to my tactical formation, and shouts.

    So have a look and tell me what you think. Any fresh ideas? Or tips? (Explaining shouts/Countering tactics would be great!) Also for someone reason im not playing attacking football according to my board...However in a different game using the same formation it is attacking football. Is that just a bug in the game? Thanks!
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